You tell them!

Yesterday we celebrated The National Day for Canada and I was wondering what keeps people from celebrating each day?
Why they need to wait another year to celebrate again?
Our most adventurous tour of the Soul is upon us each morning, when you wake up, and think: life is wonderful!
How many time do you say that to yourself?
and if you don’t, why not?

Just realised that yeasterday I have been helping people from eleven different countries, they asked me to help them craft their message and broadcast their Passion, embrace their truth.
My job is not a nine to five job, but a divine job and it is, indeed exactly what Cheryl Reum ( South Africa) said yesterday, “the onion business of peeling away layers of truth to the core of Greatness” and, yes, each story, makes me cry inside, with joy… Casper Moodie, The Champions Host, South Africa, said it better than me:
A quitter never wins,
A winner never quits

When you reach the treshold for the first 1000 days into your Journey, into Serendipity, there is a techtonic shift inside your Inner Self and is so powerful that you become un-shakeble, your Vision is bigger than you, who you were before, your passion becomes your everything and you become your Passion, You grow into the person who is able to deliver your Life Mission

At Radio W.O.R.K.S. WORLD, we are a Family of Genius Farmers, planting the seeds of Greatness, “around the clock, around the Globe” (Adrienne Marks, the Me Time Host)
Each show brings you for the very first time, your truth, and we celebrate together!
What is your truth?

You celebrate the old and the new, the struggles and the power, the joy an the sorrow, in your life, each Day, and all depends on which one we choose to feed!
If You begin your day by visiting your emotional ruins and end the day by visiting your Vision, you won the day!
You Vision is governed by the essential truth you ignored when you had no inside Vision:
what other people think of you is none of your business, your job is to focus on what you think of yourself- and this is the cardinal rule, it is not negotiable!
Make your dreams a way of life, be un-shakeble, understand your true Worth!

We plan Big Celebrations ahead, and you could be courious and check what is happening right now!
What do we celebrate? We celebrate You, your truth, your WHY, we celebrate Me Time, Authenticity, Championships, Adventure, Energy, Deliciousness, Self Worth, Peace, Legacy, Loving Your Self, Melody, Networking, Inner Aura,Empowerment, Women, Children, Entrepreneurs, Mind, Thinking, Awesomness, Jet set Learning, Digital Works, Money, Wealth, Health, Relationships, Respect, Love, Big Ideas, Dreams, your Story, and we are sharing breathtaking moments, the moments of truth: Your Truth!

At times of global crisis, emotions drive high and people are divided.
Join Global Great Conversations and unite yourself with your Passion, with your dream, with soulminded People around the world, on un- avoidable topics,
Money, Health, Relationships, Wellbeing, Peace.

What are the facts you have to cope with, just hours after shoking news, outside your control, hit home:
The FTSE had dropped 8%
the Great British Pound had crashed by 10%
Every stock market in Europe went down
What is in your Volt, in the Bank of your Emotions that you could monetise?
What is that nobody can take away from you?
What you hold inside?
What is your truth?

Are you worried or concerned about your job, your next pay check, your property investments, when everything you’ve built day in , day out, for decades, seems to be evaporating like in a bad dream?
What is that YOU want to be in this life time?
Do you have a plan?
There is a dvine plan for you.
Who’s job is to deliver your dream, your Big Dream, your Vision?
Can you turn off the noise around you and Make the News?
You urgently need to listen in, our shows are on, regardless of others political manouvers, and I have new for you
you do not have the moral right to quit your Vision!

What’s happening, what could happen next and what you need to do right away?
Share your Story!
Get involved, inspire others to create better life choices!
Don’t let people tell you who you are-

My glasses are somewhere looking for me, but I have to write this for you, right now, can’t wait another second. There is a sense of urgency about telling you that you can’t let other people tell you who you are. YOU TELL THEM!

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