Why settle?

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” Nelson Mandela

You are perhaps very nervous when thinking to speak on stage, for very first time.
When I decided to speak on my stage, I ordered a big mirror which arrived three weeks later. When the mirror arrived, I was ready to perform in front of my imaginary audience.
By the time I build my audience for my first mastermind,
I practiced in front of the mirror few times, and to my total  astonishment, it was a lot easier being in front of real people than in front of my mirror!
Thinking about it now, being with people who need you, brings  the right energy in the room.
Make sure you invite and attract your Ideal Audience!What is the secret to successful speaking when going on stage for first time?
In my own experience, speaking on your own stage or at book launches, it is not about lecturing people who know less than you, but sharing what you know, with honesty, connecting emotionally and speaking from your heart. Before I start speaking in public, I always believed that I am not good enough, and when somebody invited me to share my story, in public, the question in my mind was “who I am to speak about my passion?”
At that time, I was working “in ” the business, not thinking much about the bigger picture. I could, comfortably,  talk to my ” audience”: my clients, my staff, my family, but could not imagine what possibly I could talk about with people I’ve never met. Not proud to say, but I’ve made a choice, a bad choice, not to share my passion in front of other entrepreneurs and I will never know what opportunity I’ve missed!Life is an exciting journey, and you never know what the Universe will  throw at you! Seems that best life experiences are destined to shape your personal belief system, no matter what, and force you discover who you could be, regardless your previous choices.Ten years later, after my book was published, I was interviewed on the same stage where President Bill Clinton was speaking, in London, November 2012, and, suddenly, thousands of people start coming into my life asking for professional advice. Without knowing, I attracted people who were inspired by what I said on stage.  So, what had happened in fifteen minutes that I’ve missed in my entire life?  I was the very same person, had exactly same emotions, same values, same beliefs.
Well, simply said, this time I’ve made a different choice, and made myself available to people I’ve never met before, including myself! In other words, I’ve changed my audience!

If you are a heart centered entrepreneur, author of a non-fiction book or the expert in your field, my latest book “Away from Home- Walk the Talk” launched at The Book Expo America in New York City this summer, is for you. My aim is to inspire you to take that giant first step towards constant success and Broadcast Your Passion. One of the things you could take with you today is that Changing the way you look at things, will bring about different results.

Are you ready to speak, to Influence and Change your community, your industry? When can you consider yourself ready to speak?

  1. You are a good speaker when you can speak up your mind.
  2. You are a great speaker when you can make people laugh.
  3. You are a wealthy speaker when you motivate people to take inspired action!

Once you read my book , It is easy to craft your message, and I want to follow up on your progress, just in case you need somebody on your side while reaching out to your dream.
Craft your message and be ready to go out there, be enthusiastic about your mission to inspire others! Confirm your first event. I mean, really, choose a day on your calendar, same way you would when taking a  flight to an exotic destination, or buying your dream car.
Do you have a date for your speaking engagement? Congratulation if the answer is  “Yes!” and if the answer is ” not yet!”, what is holding you back?
Is the fear of speaking on stage getting the best of you?
How can you conquer your fear of public speaking?
The pressure of giving a good performance in front of your audience is just one side of the coin. In reality when you are nervous, your adrenaline is going faster than usual, and that is a good thing!. In many ways, it is like driving on the fast lane: you focus on the road ahead, stay alert, in control, and feel empowered while on the driving seat.
Believe it or not, speaking about your passion in front of your Ideal Clients, is similar with giving an interview, but to a live audience.

What are the things to consider before the event?
1. Be prepared Vs. being overwhelmed
2. Know your audience
3. Know your topic
4. Craft your message ( 1-3 key messages)
5. Develop your authentic story
6. Decide what are you going to wear
6. Be Excited! The opportunity to create an unique experience for your clients and yourself is here!
Each time you will reach another milestone,  you will feel confident and enthusiastic.
<span “font-size:12.0pt;font-family:”arial”,sans-serif;mso-fareast-font-family:=”” “times=”” roman”;color:#111111;mso-ansi-language:en-gb;mso-fareast-language:=”” en-gb;mso-bidi-language:ar-sa”=””>At all times, remember that your message is designed to inspire your audience to take action!

With Infinite Love,
Marina Nani

Founder, the Academy of Significance
Investor, Wealth Building Coach,
Award Winning Author Book Series
Away from Home & The Simple Truth

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