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Ignored by the media?





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Ignored by the media?
Now is the best time to go ON AIR!



Research shows that effective communications will eclipse your competition

and increase your visibility by 3 and a half times.
Want to maximise your Credibility and Visibility ?
Want to grow your Audience?
Want to attract Ideal Clients who are ready to pay you for the unfair advantage of learning from you?
Want to voice your message?
Radio is the strongest marketing platform around to elevate your Brand?
You don’t have a Brand yet?
It is about time to master your craft and own your audience.
We offer you the structure to launch your ownRadio show
eliminate your Fear of speaking and create a stress- anxiety Free Experience,
to run your show.
This is the Turn-Keysolution to Broadcast your Passion worldwide.

What to expect:
1. Technical support
Conducting the production of your shows
Editing the shows
Storage of the shows
Distribution to your clients and troughout our International Network.
Email support to your guests

2. Promotion on Radio W.O.R.K.S. Wolrd social media platforms

3. Host’s Broadcasting Platform on Radio W.O.R.K.S. Wolrd Website:
Your personal Show page, Banner, Shows on Demand

Private Facebook Group for Host’s
Professional Jingle for your show

What is Included?

Host Your Own Show ( Maximum 6 Episodes or 2 hours each month)
Invite your Clients to the Show, create your own audience
while we are distributing your show across our Network, worldwide.

Bespoke coaching Session before the show- 2 HOURS of ADVANCE
to help you:
1. Broadcast your Passion
2. Attract Ideal Clients who are ready to pay for the privilege of hiring you
3. Create Your Unique Solution
4. Help your Clients say YES! to themselves
5. Deliver your Strategic Self
6. Create better life choices

Learn to engage with your Audience Process:
a. What is the Unique Solution you offer to your chosen audience
b. Who is your Ideal Audience?
(Entrepreneurs / Students / Patients/ Single parents / Acting Professionals / Political candidates/ Volunteers/ creative business owners/ Scientists/ Philanthropists/ Investors)

c. What is the value you bring to our listeners- any downloads, bonus, free tickets, competition, why not?
Connect ! Connect! Connect!


What is happening NEXT?
We will set your show up from our end, set the time when convenient for you

At the end of the initial 6 weeks,
during which you will run 12 Episodes
you will have the option to carry on with your RADIO W.O.R.K.S. WORLD Show
for as long as you wish, by signing up for the VIP Membership

for as little as £97 per month.

Giving you THE W.O.R.K.S. as a bonus and Welcome to the FAMILY GIFT:
Re-purpose your audio files into transcript to create your book.
Publish a second book about the story of your show, the story behind the story,
part of the Book Series “The Simple Truth- Great Conversations with ( your name) ”
Invitations to book launches round the world,
events and speaking opportunities within our network



The secret of living your life with purpose is SHARING!

Skyrocket your business!

Have a look at what our International team of Hosts have experienced already!
And, NOW, let get started!
When is best time to connect?

6 reviews for Radio W.O.R.K.S. World- Host your own Show

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  2. :

    My name is Despina G. Nicolaou, I leave in Cyprus and I am the author of my

    forthcoming book that it deals with women and their role for a happy

    marriage, based on ten fundamental truths.

    Few days ago, on 15th of April 2016 I was hosted to Radio W.O.R.K.S World

    from the amazing Marina Nani who is an Award Winning Author and the

    Founder of it.

    As early birds, both of us we started a great conversation very early in the

    morning. Marina led the conversation in such a clever way that made me feel

    very relaxed. I shared with her all possible information about my book and

    Family Matters. I also shared some of my personal experience on the marriage

    topic and my family.

    Marina’s passion transformed in energy, spread to my soul and I have

    experienced her love and care of what I was about to accomplish. Giving me as

    much time she could from her precious time, suddenly I realised that she

    wanted me to be a part of her vision, to MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. Marina the ”

    Mother Teresa of Networking “ want us to fulfil our greatest potential.

    Thank you Marina for such a wonderful, new found experience!

  3. :

    Hi I’m Adrienne Marks

    The ME TIME Host at Radio W.O.R.K.S. World

    And I’d just like to tell you about the wonderful experience I’ve had being the Me

    Time Host once a week which will soon be twice a week.

    It started as a one off interview with the lovely Marina Nani, turned into a once a

    week conversation between us and now it’s my Show

    And that’s an awesome experience because I get to deliver my passion to people all

    around the world.

    And that’s what this is about

    This isn’t about me

    This is how all our listeners can be the best they can possibly

    How they can move forward in their lives

    How they can change what’s not working

    And become their best possible selves

    There are so many of us now and we’re growing every day

    And we want you to join us

    Share your passion as a Radio W.O.R.K.S.World Host

    The experience will enrich your life and the lives of all you come into contact with.

    We are having an International ME TIME Day on Friday 22nd July and we’d love for

    you to join us with that as well.

    And of course if I can help in any way please connect with me here at

    Radio W.O.R.K.S.World or

    Adrienne Marks

    I look forward to hearing from you very soon

  4. :

    How would you feel to be able to share YOUR MESSAGE with hundreds and thousands, even

    millions of people from Home or anywhere in the world ?

    I have asked this questions so many times but never know how, UNTIL NOW……!

    Hello Good People

    My name is PHILIP CHAN, aka ‘The 10-Seconds Maths Expert’ and the Double Amazon Best Selling


    My mission is to share my knowledge to do mathematics, so they are able to do maths quickly

    (under 10 seconds), especially for children,

    At last, thanks to Marina Nani and her invitation on Radio W.OR.K.S. World in Action.,

    this dream to share the message is now possible, to reach out across the World.

    My first interview was a wonderful experience had some lovely unexpected feedbacks and

    comments and all from the comfort of home !

    Story behind my First Interview

    I came back from the gym about 10.30pm , sat down and fell asleep for about half an hour.

    On waking, I decided to go and have a shower and removed my clothes accordingly.

    Before jumping into the shower, I wanted to have a quick check on Facebook to see if they are any


    Marina Nani PM me on Facebook and said : “When can I interview you ?”

    I replied immediately : “When ever it is good for you ?”

    Marina : “What about now ? “

    Philip : “Fine, let’s do it NOW !”

    (It is about 11.10pm and I had nothing on Folks ! Hey,it’s radio, no one is going to see me !

    Luckily I was getting cold, so I slip my gym vest on !)

    It was only when Marina sent back the recording…to my shock and horror…I left the video camera

    on during the interview and didn’t know people can see me !

    I am still learning about Facebook…Skype etc !

    If I can do it, anyone can !

    Since my first interview, so many of my talented friends have join Radio W.O.R.K.S sharing their

    wonderful experiences and knowledge to help to make this world a BETTER PLACE.

    Would you like to join us ?

    Philip Chan

    The 10-Seconds Maths Expert

  5. :

    I consider being the Authenticity host on Radio W.O.R.K.S World as one of the biggest blessings that came into my life.
    From day one I had so much fun and felt so welcome. Marina’s vision is so amazing and I am so blessed to be part of it. This new found platform stretched me in the right direction which I needed to share my story and experience to inspire and motivate others. Even my very first appearance on Radio W.O.R.K.S. World opened many new doors to great opportunities. I’ve been asked to speak at numerous events since, other media and P.R. opportunities came my way and it has made a remarkable impact on my brand’s credibility in a very short period of time. Thank you Marina Nani for sharing your vision and platform so selflessly to reach and inspire as many people possible globally. Together we are stronger.

    Mareli Scott
    Authenticity Host

    Facebook: Mareli ME Scott

  6. :

    I had The pleasure to meet Marina Nani at an event in London and she is as kind and lovely in person as she sounds on radio. Marina gave me The opportunity to share my message on Radio W.O.R.K.S World as The Action Host. This has opened up lots of new clients coming my way and I have build my audience much broader. I can recommend to work with Marina because she is honest, authentic, very friendly and will give you The results you need to grow your business. All my best Marina and Thank you for letting me share my message.

    Camilla Kristiansen, Norway

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