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Offshore Tax Haven Scandal and your Money. Hmm!

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The recent ” discovery” about offshore tax haven is making the news and you are, suddenly, aware of how much money are out there, not the 1,3 trillion we believed we share among borders (fairly or not) but under the …mattresses of private banks who protect their clients’ interest for a healthy fee. Turns out […]

Vibrant and confident Property Post Code

Being invited for cocktails, it is not something I planned for this week but my clients wanted to know more about investing in London, after I took them round to view what London has to offer. Asked to describe their investment prospects, real estate investors from China say “unsure, confused and complicated”. But when asked […]
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What is the Route to Prosperity?

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What is the safest route for prosperity? Stock market uncertainty, shrinking economies, moving investment trends and political instability are dominating your investment thinking right from the beginning of 2016. A constant fall in energy costs, the shortcomings of commodities are keeping inflation rates in check, but there are indications that in America inflation will raise […]

What is more expensive than Knowledge?


In last Wednesday’s Spending Review, George Osborne, decided to hold off on further cuts to the education and adult skills budget. If investment in adults’ skills is made a priority for the Chancellor of the United Kingdom, what do you think is happening in the world? Europe’s largest economy, Germany is investing 50% more in research and development, […]