The Next Million Pounds

Last year went away and it is residing on Memory Lane now, but I have Great News: 2016 is here, waiting on you to arrive!

I want to share with you what I discovered this year about the Next Million Pounds. It is a metaphor, but bear with me, and let me know what you think…

When asked what they want, most people I know, don’t really know or they think, they want money. What they are actually saying is that they don’t want money for themselves, they want to give money to those they love and care for, and they want money, because everybody wants money from them. Each person I know wants to generate enough money to- be- free of life’s demands so, they can, finally, be happy. But they are not.

So why are you not happy?

For a very long time, I’ve studied my own feelings and mirrored other people’s challenges and victories, and how they react to life’s crashing demands and events, to understand what makes you happy or unhappy. I learned that it is not relevant what you know, who you know, or who knows you. Doesn’t matter how much money you have or you don’t have in your bank account. During great conversations about money I’ve listen to poor people who felt happy with no reason, high achievers who felt sick and tired and, lately, very wealthy people and insanely rich people. Yes, from what I see, there is a difference, wealthy people master their GGG (God Given Gift) and nobody can take it away from them, which, in effect is priceless, while rich people inherited large sums and their mission is to spend the money, wisely or otherwise.

After you make your first million, finally achieving the goal of a lifetime with the price of your health and sacrifices which went unnoticed for decades, you are facing a strange reality: next million is expected from you! What’s next ? the next million or two! When is this race going to stop? When can you say: I am free to be happy!

Going from one goal to the next one, it is all about chasing external goals. Society conditions most of us to believe that unless you achieve those earthy goals, and pay your “dues”, you are a failure. Guess what? I hope you are ready for his: Failure doesn’t exist!

Making any distance in life, moving jobs, moving house, leaving a relationship, starting a new relationship or simply deciding to discover your true worth ( your GGG),  is no different than driving a car. To go from A to B, you need a good, driving car and petrol. Regardless the colour or the make of your car, or where you want to go, you have to start the journey with a full tank. Each time you go to a new destination, you know, as a rough guide, how many miles before the warning light comes on, you know that the breaks are working, you checked the mirrors and the weather conditions.

Is life any different than driving your car from A to B?

You need a good heart and positive thoughts to achieve your dream, to change that job, to enter a new relationship, to fulfil your vision, to live your life with purpose and discover that place inside, that place of abundance where happiness resides. Happiness  can’t be chased, it is not outside, in the outside world, but inside your heart, and you are not going to “see” it until you bring it out, into your day to day life, and make the world round you a better place. Happiness is not something you chase but something you share from inside out.

How do you go from where you are right now, to where you want to be?

There is no shortcut. Who tells you there is, doesn’t have your best interest at heart. You can learn from others mistakes, you can be inspired by their energy, their high vibrations and confidence, but you have to deliver and create value in your own life. Your life is not determined by what other people say about you. You are who you think you are. When is last time you checked the level of happiness, the petrol of your mind? What are your thoughts right now? Are they good thoughts? Best things in life are free: your positive thoughts are free! However, on the other side of this karmic coin, there are negative thoughts and they are really expensive and nobody is able to sustain the price. Negative thoughts, doubts, sadness, hatred, lack of self esteem will bring you to your knees. Can you afford to pay the price?

What is the price of Happiness?

Choosing your own positive thoughts. I can hear you saying:  “What if others think I am not good enough?” Why would you care what others think of you? That is their business. Your business is to focus on changing your thoughts about you, that is your only divine job. You know who you are. Not comfortable with who you are? Work harder! Be the best you can be!

Understand this: if somebody have it all, you can have it all. And you do! Your journey, from where you are, to where you want to be, it is not about the destination, or the shortcut, but about who you become, how soon you discover your God Given Gift and master it. It is not about achieving earthy goals but discovering your true worth, and creating a system to broadcast your gift, to grow that seed you were given, into a tree.

There is no doubt, you have tremendous powers: power to love more, to create more, to be more.
You know too much already. You don’t need more knowledge, you need Inspiration. When you need inspiration, dive into art galleries, listen to music, check what other humans like you did, they weren’t perfect, they were believers. What really matters is who inspires you.

What makes it or brakes it?

Pay attention to your positive thoughts constantly, same way you check fuel’s level and stop at the nearest station to fill the tank, before you run out of petrol in the middle of the motorway. I don’t care where you go, or where you are coming from, you have to fuel your heart with great thoughts! Forget everything you learned in school, everything others said about you, forget the good, the bad, the ugly. Make room in your heart for the extraordinary self, for the unexpected! Miracles are just an open mind away! Look at you: how beautiful, how amazing you are! If anything, those imperfections of yours, are perfect – they make you unique, the one and only, The Real Deal!

No matter what you do, don’t betray your Big Dream. The Universe only conspires with your good heart. Be patient and allow the essence of God you hold, to bring the magic, from inside out.

How little or how much you understand about your mind, about the power of your thoughts, will give your heart the strength to stay clear of doubts. When you are in the Light, you create and deliver value, even for those who once betrayed you. Flip your focus today from what you don’t have, to what you already have.  Stop feeling sorry for yourself, cook spaghetti, learn Japanese or French, write a book, instead! Treating yourself as if you are your best friend is long overdue, you owe it to yourself. No, you are not alone! You are the one and only! Take yourself inside your heart and switch all the Lights on!

After all, you have a choice: be the faulted diamond or a perfect pebble. Remember: a diamond is a charcoal, after all, that was created under exceptional pressure… It is time to make a choice, and take responsibility for your choice. Nobody can be you. You are the miracle somebody was praying for!

It is the end of the year and you are running out of steam? Is the yellow warning flicking on your dashboard? Don’t go down to zero, fill your heart with love and compassion, allow the best quality of visionary, exciting, beautiful thoughts to move from your mind, to your heart, before your tank gets empty.

What is going to bring you your next million pounds?

Choose your thoughts with love and excitement.
Ironically, you can only go as far as your thoughts take you.

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The Next Million Pounds

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    • Very grateful for your words of appreciation, Jeanna. You are too kind.

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    • Thank you for your comment. I believe that the secret of living your life with purpose is sharing. I share my own thoughts and I found that blogs are a very simple but efficient way to serve a community of like minded people.

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